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1886 Ballincollig one of the frst to join Cork County Board

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Club Admin - HOWTO Docs

Web Admin Instructions 

Send a Text to the Club Members

In order to send a text to the membership you must be contact the Club Senior section PRO in oredr to get a password for the texting site below.

www.sendmode.com Download the HOWTO document below.

Add News Items to the Site

In order to directly add or approve a News Item for the site the members who help to keep everything on the site up to date can go to the link below and enter their name and password. If you would like to help out here for the various sections of the club website then please email ballincolliggaa.ie@gmail.com Download the HOWTO document below for details


Submit News Items

There is no password required to submit a news item , just go directly to http://www.ballincolliggaa.ie/submitNews .The news item will then be reviewed and approved ( for suitability for all age groups the site caters for  ) before it will appear on the site.

Submit Images

There is no password just go to the site and select Submissions -> Submit Image. Again there is an approval process for reasons stated above but please ensure to include a Image Title and Image description with the Photo. Please be patient as it may take a few days to get it into the image gallery.


Help For administering the Club Texting System

GAA Club Text System - Instructions for Club PRO's how to send out the memebrship texts

Help For Updating News on the Site 

GAA Club News Item Update - Instructions for Club PRO's and web administrators


Contact Club PRO or  ballincolliggaa.ie@gmail.com  for usernames and passwords

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